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Anderson, Robert and Freeman, Mark and Paterson, Lindsay, eds. (2015) The Edinburgh History of Education in Scotland. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. (Submitted)

Chapman, Arthur and Vuohelainen, Minna, eds. (2015) Interpreting Primo Levi. Palgrave Macmillan. (Submitted)

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Blum, Nicole (2015) Topic Guide: Education, Climate and Environment. [Report]

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Brindley, Sue (2015) A critical investigation of the role of teacher research and its relationship to teacher professionalism, knowledge and identity. PhD thesis, UCL Institute of Education.

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Church, Kathryn and Wringe, Alison and Lewin, Simon and Ploubidis, George B and Fakudze, Phelele and Mayhew, Susannah H and , Integra Initiative (2015) Exploring the Feasibility of Service Integration in a Low-Income Setting : A Mixed Methods Investigation into Different Models of Reproductive Health and HIV Care in Swaziland. PLoS ONE, 10 (5). e0126144. ISSN 1932-6203. DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0126144

Ciero Paviot, Laura (2015) Private tuition in Kenya and Mauritius: policies, practices and parents’ perceptions examined from an ecological systems perspective. EdD (International) thesis, UCL Institute of Education.

Cimolai, Silvina (2015) Knowledge, field and researchers: the production of academic knowledge in the intersections of psychology and education in Argentina (2000-2010). PhD thesis, UCL Institute of Education.

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Collens, Paula (2015) The relational dimension of one-to-one tuition: conservatoire vocal studies education. PhD thesis, UCL Institute of Education.

Connors, Bushra (2015) A study of structure and agency interactions in the changing context of English higher education: what is happening to pedagogy and what are we doing about it? PhD thesis, UCL Institute of Education.

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Del Monte, Pablo (2015) [Of degrees and villas : writing and reading testimonios of high school graduates from a shanty town in Buenos Aires in their attempts to access and succeed in post-compulsory education studies.] This is not a thesis. PhD thesis, UCL Institute of Education.

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Flewitt, Rosie and Roberts-Holmes, Guy (2015) Regulatory gaze and ‘non-sense’ phonics testing in early literacy. In: Multimodality and Governmentality: Negotiating Spaces in Literacy Education. Bloomsbury, London. (In Press)

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