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Moss, Gemma and Goldstein, Harvey (2014) Epilogue. Comparative Education, 50 (3). pp. 374-377. ISSN 0305-0068. DOI 10.1080/14681366.2014.926137

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Book Section

Moss, Gemma (2011) Talk about text: the discursive construction of what it means to be a reader. In: Applied Linguistics and Primary School Teaching. Cambridge Univesrity Press, Cambridge, pp. 127-139. ISBN 978-0-521-19354-2

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Jewitt, Carey and Moss, Gemma (2010) Policy, Pedagogy and Interactive Whiteboards: What lessons can be learnt from early adoption in England. In: Interactive whiteboards for education. Hershey, New York, pp. 20-36. ISBN 978-1-61520-715-2

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Moss, Peter and Cameron, Claire and Moss, Gemma (2002) Care Work and the Care Workforce: Report on Stage One and State of the Art Review. [Report]

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