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Morgan, John and Lambert, David (2011) Editors' Introduction: special issue on Geography. The Curriculum Journal, 22. pp. 279-287. ISSN 0958-5176. DOI UNSPECIFIED

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Book Section

Morgan, John (2009) Why Living Geography now? In: Living Geography: exciting futures for teachers and students. Chris Kington Publishing, Cambridge, pp. 8-12. ISBN 9781899857203

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Brant, Jacek and Morgan, John (2001) Fieldwork and Pedagogy: The development of subject expertise and creativity in beginning teachers of geography and business and economics education. In: Creativity in Business and Education. Academy of Humanities and Economics, Lodz, pp. 75-85. ISBN 83-87814-34-2


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Williamson, Ben and Morgan, John (2008) Enquiring Minds: schools, knowledge and educational change. [Report]

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