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Chapman, Arthur and Pettigrew, Alice and Burgess, Adrian and Moore, Alex and Foster, Stuart (2011) Evaluation of the Holocaust Education Trust's Lessons from Auschwitz Project. [Report]

Chapman, Arthur and Edwards, Christopher and Goldsmith, Emily and Andrews, Kay and Brown, John and Burgess, Adrian and Himonides, Evangelos and Moore, Alex and Papageorgi, Ioulia and Pettigrew, Alice and Steward, Susan (2010) Evaluation of the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz Project. Final Report. [Report]

Moore, Alex (2006) Recognising Desire: A psychosocial approach to understanding education policy implementation and effect. Oxford Review of Education, 32 (4). pp. 487-503. ISSN 0305-4985. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Moore, Alex (2006) Curriculum As Culture: entitlement, bias and the Bourdieusean arbitrary. In: Schooling, Society and Curriculum. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 87-99. ISBN 978-0-415-36396-9 (paperback) 978-0-415-36395-2 (hardback) 978-

Moore, Alex (2006) Schooling, Society and Curriculum. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 978-0-415-36396-9 (paperback) 978-0-415-36395-2 (hardback) 978-

Moore, Alex (2006) Understanding the social self: the role and importance of reflexivity in schoolteachers' professional learning. In: Handbook of Teacher Education: globalization standards and professionalism in times of change. Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht, pp. 571-583. ISBN 978-1-4020-4772-5 (Print) 978-1-4020-4773-2 (Online)

Moore, Alex (2005) Teaching, School Management and the Ideology of Pragmatism. International Studies in Sociology of Education, 15 (3). pp. 195-212. ISSN 0962-0214. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Moore, Alex (2004) The Good Teacher: dominant discourses in teaching and teacher education. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 978-0-415-33565-2 (paperback) 978-0-415-33564-5 (hardback) 978-

Ash, Andrew and Moore, Alex (2004) Key Factors in the Promotion and Obstruction of Reflective Practice in Beginning Teachers. In: Problems of Teacher Education. Wydawnictwa Universytetu Warszawskiego, Warsaw, pp. 92-109. ISBN 8323500452

Moore, Alex and Klenowski, Val and Askew, Susan and Carnell, Eileen and Jones, K (2003) The Implementation and Impact of Recent Changes to the National Curriculum: Schools' Experiences and Opinions. [Report]

Moore, Alex (2003) Citizenship Education in the UK: for Liberation or Control?

Moore, Alex and Edwards, Gwyn (2003) Teaching, School Management and the Ideology of Pragmatism.

Moore, Alex and Ash, Andrew (2002) Reflective practice in beginning teachers: helps, hinderances and the role of the critical other.

Moore, Alex and Edwards, Gwyn and Halpin, David and George, Rosalyn (2002) Compliance, resistance and pragmatism: the (re)construction of school teacher identities in a period of intensive educational reform. British Educational Research Journal, 28 (4). pp. 551-565. ISSN 0141-1926. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Moore, Alex and Halpin, David and George, Rosalyn (2002) The Developing Role of the Headteacher in English Schools: Management, Leadership and Pragmatism. Educational Management and Administration, 30 (2). pp. 175-188. ISSN 0263-211X. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Moore, Alex (2001) Teacher development and curriculum reform. Journal of Education Policy, 16 (3). pp. 269-277. ISSN 0268-0939. DOI UNSPECIFIED

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