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Lopez Fernandez, Olatz and Honnublia-Serrano, Luisa and Freiza-Blanxart, Montserrat and Gibson, William (2015) Prevalence of Problem Mobile Phone Use in British Adolescents. Cyberpsychology, Behaviour, and Social Networking. ISSN 2152-2715. DOI UNSPECIFIED (In Press)

Pelletier, Caroline and Stevenson, Fiona and Chrysikou, Vasiliki and Park, Sophie and Gibson, William (2015) Reconsidering ‘ethics’ and ‘quality’ in healthcare research: the case for an iterative ethical paradigm. BMC Health Services Research. ISSN 1472-6963. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Gibson, William and Webb, Helena and vom Lehn, Dirk (2014) Analytic Affordance: Transcription as conventionalised systems in discourse studies. Sociology. ISSN 0038-0385. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Lopez Fernandez, Olatz and Honnublia-Serrano, Maria and Gibson, William and Griffiths, m (2014) Problematic Internet use in British Adolescents : an exploration of the addictive symptomology. Computers in Human Behavior, 35. p. 224. ISSN 0747-5632. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Gibson, William (2014) Sequential order in multimodal online educational discourse. Discourse and Communication, 8 (1). ISSN 1750-4813. DOI UNSPECIFIED (In Press)

Gibson, William and Webb, Helena and Heath, Christian and vom Lehn, Dirk (2013) Commensurating vision : Examining distance vision in optometric consultations. Soziale Welt.

Webb, Helena and Heath, Christian and vom Lehn, Dirk and Gibson, William (2013) Engendering responses : Professional gesture and the assessment of eyesight in optometry consultations. Symbolic Interaction. (In Press)

vom Lehn, Dirk and Webb, Helena and Heath, Christian and Gibson, William (2013) Objective measures and subjective reports : Examining optometric practice. International Review of Qualitative Research. (In Press)

Webb, Helena and vom Lehn, Dirk and Gibson, William and Heath, Christian (2013) The Problem with “problems” : the case of openings in optometry consultations. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 46 (1). pp. 65-83.

vom Lehn, Dirk and Gibson, William (2011) Interaction and symbolic interactionism. Symbolic Interaction, 34 (3). pp. 315-318.

Gibson, William and Webb, Helena and vom Lehn, Dirk (2011) Re-constituting social praxis : an ethnomethodological analysis of video data in optometry consultations. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 14 (3). pp. 207-218. ISSN 1364-5579. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Gibson, William (2009) Negotiating textual talk : conversation analysis, pedagogy, and the organisation of online asynchronous discourse. British Educational Research Journal, 35 (5). pp. 705-721. ISSN 0141-1926. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Gibson, William (2009) Intercultural Communication Online: Conversation Analysis and the Investigation of Asynchronous Written Discourse. Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 10 (1). pp. 1-18. ISSN 1438-5627. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Campbell, Malcolm and Gibson, William and Richards, David and Callery, Peter and Hall, Andy (2008) Online vs. face-to-face discussions in a web-based research methods course for postgraduate nursing students : A quasi-experimental study. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 45 (5). pp. 750-759. ISSN 0020-7489. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Hopkins, Joseph and Gibson, William and Ros i sole, Cristina and Savvides, Nicola and Starkey, Hugh (2008) Interaction and Critical Inquiry in Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Conferencing: A Research Agenda. Open Learning, 23. pp. 29-42. ISSN 0268-0513. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Gibson, William (2006) Material culture and embodied action: sociological notes on the examination of musical instruments in jazz improvisation. The Sociological Review, 54 (1). pp. 171-187. ISSN 0038-0261. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Gibson, William (2006) Topicality and the Structure of Interactive Talk in Face-to-Face Seminar Discussions: Implications for Research in Distributed Learning Media. British Educational Research Journal, 32 (1). pp. 77-94. ISSN 0141-1926. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Gibson, William (2006) Playing in the field: participant observation and the investigation of intersubjective knowledge in jazz improvisation. Anthropology Matters, 8 (2). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1758-6453. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Gibson, William (2005) The Digital Revolution in Qualitative Research: Working with Digital Audio Data Through Atlas.ti. Sociological Research Online, 10 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 1360-7804. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Book Section

Gibson, William and Webb, Helena and vom Lehn, Dirk (2012) Ethnomethodological workplace studies and learning in clinical practice. In: Work-based Learning in Clinical Settings. Radcliffe Medical, London, p. 167.

Brown, Andrew and Gibson, William (2012) Using documents in research. In: SAGE secondary data analysis, volume 3 : The secondary analysis of qualitative data. SAGE library of research methods . SAGE, London, pp. 205-225. ISBN 9781446246900

Gibson, William (2010) The group ethic in the improvising jazz ensemble : a symbolic interactionist analysis of music, identity, and social context. In: Studies in symbolic interaction. Emerald, Binley, pp. 11-28. ISBN 9780857243614

Gibson, William and Brown, Andrew (2009) Teoria, Grounded Theory e Análise Qualitativa. In: Pesquisa social: reflexões teóricas e metodológicas. Todapalavra, Ponta Grossa:, pp. 35-62. ISBN 978-85-62450-02-0


Gibson, William and Brown, Andrew (2009) Working with Qualitative Data. SAGE Publications Ltd, London. ISBN 978-1-41294572-1

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