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Clark, Alison and Cameron, Claire (2014) Sense of place and space in children’s residential care homes: perceptions of home? Scottish Journal of Resisdential Child Care, 13 (2).

Clark, Alison and Flewitt, Rosie and Hammersley, Matryn and Robb, Martin (2014) Understanding research with children and young people. Sage Publications, London. ISBN 9781446274934 (pbk)

Clark, Alison (2007) A Hundred ways of listening: gathering children's perspectives of their early childhood environment. Young Children, 62 (3). pp. 76-80. ISSN 1538-6619. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Knight, Abigail and Clark, Alison and Petrie, Pat and Statham, June (2006) The Views of Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities about the Support they Receive from Social Services: A Review of Consultations and Methods. [Report]

Clark, Alison and Kjørholt, Anne Trine and Moss, Peter (2005) Beyond listening: children's perspectives on early childhood services. Policy Press, Bristol. ISBN 1861346123

Clark, Alison (2005) Ways of seeing: using the Mosaic approach to listen to young children's perspectives. In: Beyond Listening: Children's perspectives on early. Policy Press, Bristol, pp. 29-49. ISBN 1861346123

Clark, Alison (2005) Listening to and involving young children: a review of research and practice. Early Child Development and Care, 175 (6). pp. 489-506. ISSN 0300-4430. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Clark, Alison and Statham, June (2005) Listening to young children: experts in their own lives. Adoption & Fostering, 29 (1). pp. 45-56. ISSN 0308-5759. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Clark, Alison and Moss, Peter (2005) Spaces to Play: more listening to young children. National Children's Bureau, London. ISBN 1904787436

Clark, Alison (2005) Time to listen: young children's perspectives on design. Children in Europe, 8. pp. 28-29. ISSN 1475-4207. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Clark, Alison (2005) What is it like to be in this place? Gathering young children’s perspectives of outdoor provision. In: Unknown. Kent Early years and Childcare partnership, Kent, pp. 95-104. ISBN 189925367X

Turner, Helen and Mayall, Berry and Dickinson, Rachel and Clark, Alison and Hood, Suzanne and Wiggins, Meg and Samuels, Julia (2004) Children engaging with drama: an evaluation of the national theatre's drama work in Primary schools 2002-2004. [Report]

Clark, Alison and McQuail, Susan and Moss, Peter (2003) Exploring the Fields of Listening to and Consulting with Young Children. [Report]

Clark, Alison (2003) Get Creative. Nursery World, April . pp. 23-24. ISSN 0029-6422. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Clark, Alison (2003) Listening to young children. In: Supporting Children's learning in the early years. David Fulton Publishing, London, pp. 67-72. ISBN 1853469769

Clark, Alison (2003) The Mosaic Approach and Research with Young Children. In: The Reality of Research with Children and Young People. Sage Publications, London, pp. 142-161. ISBN 0761943781

Clark, Alison (2003) Points of view: listening to children. Nursery World, 23 Oct. pp. 24-25. ISSN 0029-6422. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Clark, Alison (2002) Children exploring their worlds: the pedagogy of listening and the Mosaic approach.

Power, Sally and Gillborn, David and Warren, Simon and Thomas, Sally and Clark, Alison and Coate, Kelly (2002) Education in deprived areas: outcomes, inputs and processes. Institute of Education, University of London, London. ISBN 978-0-85473-642-3

Munton, Tony and Barclay, L and Mallardo, M and Mooney, Ann and Moss, Peter and Petrie, Pat and Clark, Alison and Woolner, J (2002) Research on ratios, group size and staff qualifications. [Report]

Clark, Alison and Simon, Antonia and Moss, Peter (2002) The arts in the early years. A national study of policy and practice. [Report]

Clark, Alison (2001) How to listen to very young children: The Mosaic Approach. Child Care in Practice, 7 (4). pp. 333-341. ISSN 1357-5279. DOI UNSPECIFIED

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Clark, Alison (2001) Young Children as Experts: Listening Using the Mosaic Approach. Children in Europe, 1 (1). pp. 6-9. ISSN 1475-4207. DOI UNSPECIFIED

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