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Temple, Paul and Barnett, Ronald (2007) Higher education space: future directions. Planning for Higher Education, 36 (1). pp. 5-15. ISSN 0736-0983. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Barnett, Ronald and Temple, Paul (2006) Impact on space of future changes in higher education. [Report]

Barnett, Ronald and Phipps, Alison (2005) Academic Travel: Modes and Directions. Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies, 27 (1). pp. 3-16. ISSN 1071-4413. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Barnett, Ronald (2005) The Changing Role of the Public Intellectual. In: The Changing Role of the Public Intellectual. Routledge, Abingdon, pp. 108-122. ISBN 0415347823

Barnett, Ronald (2005) Engaging the Curriculum in Higher Education. Open University Press, Maidenhead. ISBN 0335212891

Barnett, Ronald (2005) Quality - a Virtuous Project? In: Carving out a New Horizon for University Assessment. Toshindo, Tokyo, pp. 83-104.

Barnett, Ronald (2005) Re-opening Research: new amateurs or new professionals? In: Participating in the Knowledge Society: Researchers Beyond the University Walls. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 263-277. ISBN 978-1-4039-3946-3

Barnett, Ronald (2005) Recapturing the Universal in the University. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 37 (6). pp. 783-795. ISSN 0013-1857. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Barnett, Ronald (2004) Academics as Intellectuals. Unknown, 6 (4). pp. 108-122.

Barnett, Ronald (2004) Learning for an Unknown Future. Higher Education Research and Development, 23 (3). pp. 247-260. ISSN 0729-4360. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Barnett, Ronald (2004) The Purposes of Higher Education and the Changing Face of Academia. London Review of Education, 2 (1). pp. 61-74. ISSN 1474-8460. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Barnett, Ronald (2004) Reclaiming Universities from a Runaway World. In: Reclaiming Universities. Open University Press/McGraw-Hill, Maidenhead, pp. 195-208. ISBN 0335212913

Barnett, Ronald (2004) Three Ideas of Higher Education: implications for policy and practice. Department for Education and Skills, London

Barnett, Ronald (2003) Beyond All Reason: Living with Ideology in the University. Open University Press, Buckingham. ISBN 0335208932

Barnett, Ronald (2003) Engaging Students. In: The Idea of Engagement. Association of Commonwealth Universities, London, pp. 251-271. ISBN 0851431836

Barnett, Ronald (2003) Higher Education and the University. In: The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Education. Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Oxford, pp. 215-233. ISBN 0631221182

Barnett, Ronald (2003) Universities in a Fluid Age. In: A Companion to the Philosophy of Education. Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Malden, MA, pp. 561-568. ISBN 978-1-40514051-5

Barnett, Ronald and Coate, Kelly and Parry, Gareth (2001) Conceptualising Curriculum Change. Teaching in Higher Education. pp. 435-450. ISSN 1356-2517. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Barnett, Ronald (2001) Crises of the Humanities: Challenges and Opportunities. In: Modern Languages and the Humanities: Fuzzy Boundaries. CILT, the National Centre for Languages, London, pp. 25-42. ISBN 1902031717

Barnett, Ronald (2001) Interview. Unknown.

Barnett, Ronald (2001) Managing Universities in a Supercomplex Age. In: Class Theory & Higher Education. Volume 9: Questions about the Purpos(es) of Colleges and Universities. Peter Lang, New York, pp. 13-32. ISBN 082045110X

Coate, Kelly and Williams, Gareth and Barnett, Ronald (2001) Relationships between Teaching and Research in Higher Education in England. Higher Education Quarterly, 55 (2). pp. 158-174. ISSN 0951-5224. DOI UNSPECIFIED

Barnett, Ronald and Lenga, Ruth-Anne (2001) Three Rival Versions of Change Management: a view from UK higher education. International Journal of Educational Advancement, 1 (3). pp. 221-236. ISSN 1467-3657. DOI UNSPECIFIED

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