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Eprints are electronic copies of academic papers. Eprints can be "pre-prints" (the version of a paper submitted for peer review) or "post-prints" (the final peer reviewed version, which has been accepted for publishing) or similar material such as book chapters, conference papers, working papers, technical reports and so on.

IOE Eprints is a repository that collects together the work of UCL Institute of Education researchers and allows them to make their papers freely available over the web via a searchable "open access" database. The repository has a simple interface for the deposit of full-text papers and incorporates facilities for retrieval by browsing or searching. Information about the content of the repository will also be "harvested" by international Open Archiving services such as OAIster and ARC.

The repository is intended to complement the traditional academic publishing process. IOE researchers should still submit their papers to journals for publication; however, where possible, they should also submit a copy to the eprint repository, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience.

The advantages of using IOE Eprints:

The Project

Development work on IOE Eprints has been funded through the SHERPA-LEAP Project, a University of London consortium of Libraries, which aims to create several repositories at various institutions. Seed funding for SHERPA-LEAP came from the University Vice-Chancellor's Development Fund; the Project is also an associate partner of SHERPA.

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