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Art practice as a form of research in art education : towards a teaching artist practice

Dafiotis, Panagiotis (2011) Art practice as a form of research in art education : towards a teaching artist practice. PhD thesis, Institute of Education, University of London.

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Abstract Although the borders between art practice and domains like philosophy have been questioned, education and its relation to art seems somehow to be overlooked in these exchanges. In my arts-led research I examine the ways the teaching artist may be able to cross the borders between art and education to produce a hybrid field in which hierarchical distinctions are questioned and the voices of students legitimised. Through my own practice as a teaching artist I am attempting to recognise, theorise, ground and develop a framework for this hybrid field. In my practice-led PhD I am trying to create space for an alternative, parallel possibility within art education. To do so, I draw on the work of Kester (2004) and Bourriaud (2002) who analyse dialogic artworks and relational aesthetics (respectively). I perceive art lessons as artistic events in the relational sense and the space where these exchanges take place, as an ever-evolving installation artwork. To this effect I have created a series of multimodal installations, which question the dichotomy of visual arts and pedagogy. These installations became increasingly participatory 'culminating' in a project, (The Benevolent Trap' May, 2010) which involved pertinent presentations and discussions with fellow students. Affect through the visual becomes the fulcrum for inciting dialogue on the relation between art and meaningmaking. On a theoretical level I draw on Deleuze and Guattari, and particularly on their notions of the 'rhizome' and 'smooth space'. In my practice-based research project I therefore explore art making as a meta-process in which making about making becomes a way of thinking about thinking. The quest though is to create a space where participants can revisit their own assumptions and reflect on them.

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