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Unpacking Unequal Pay Between Men and Women Across Cohort and Lifecycle

Dolton, Peter and Joshi, Heather and Makepeace, Gerry (2002) Unpacking Unequal Pay Between Men and Women Across Cohort and Lifecycle. Centre for Longitudinal Studies, Institute of Education, University of London, London.

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This paper analyses the pay gap between men and women in the two British birth cohort studies using the new data collected in 2000 when their subjects had reached the ages of 30 and 42 respectively. The paper also includes new analysis of improved data on the 1958 cohort at 33 in 1991, and a comparison with our earlier analyses of the 1946 cohort at 32 in 1978 and the 1958 cohort at 33 in 1991. The analysis is of hourly earnings in full-time jobs, where the impact of the Equal Pay Act might be expected to be more complete, given the lack of male comparators in the extensive but low paid part-time employment sector for women. We decompose the wage gap at each age, and the change in the components of the average wage gap over time. We also examine the distribution of estimated gender premia across our samples and relate them to the wage level. For people in their early thirties, the crude wage gap closed between 1978 and 2000, but this was mainly due to improved human capital characteristics of the women in full-time employment at that stage of their lives. Unequal treatment also fell, but not by much. When following the 1958 cohort from age 33 to age 42 in 2000, men’s real wages rose more than women’s. The increased gap was roughly equally due to widening differentials in characteristics and deteriorating rates of remuneration for women entering middle age. Although the 42 year-old employees included women with less exceptional qualifications, who had returned to the labour force with interrupted employment histories, women who had been relatively continuously in employment also experienced the rising gender penalty over time.

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