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Paving a 'third way'?: a policy trajectory analysis of education action zones

Power, Sally and Whitty, Geoff and Gewirtz, Sharon and Halpin, David and Dickson, Marny (2004) Paving a 'third way'?: a policy trajectory analysis of education action zones. Research Papers in Education, 19 (4). pp. 453-475. ISSN 0267-1522. DOI UNSPECIFIED

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Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Details: Power, S., Whitty, G., Gewirtz, S., Halpin, D. and Dickson, M. (2004) Research Papers in Education 19 (4) 453-475 Theme: 1 Key words: Education Action Zones; Third Way; area-based initiative; policy trajectory analysis; public-private partnerships. Field of enquiry: Sociology of education; policy analysis. Theoretical perspectives, analytical and/or empirical methods used: Documentary and interview data used to analyse the influences on the development of Education Action Zones (EAZ) policy and zone proposals; analysis of school data and questionnaire surveys, interviews and classroom observation to study the implementation and effects of the policy in a selection of local areas; observation at meetings and audit trails to ascertain how far EAZs and similar initiatives reflected and contributed to changes in educational governance; and dialogue with a range of policy scholars to refine further the categories, methods and methodologies used in education policy trajectory analyses and the study of policy generally. Original contributions to theory/methodology/policy/practice: Paper investigates the origins, operation and impact of what was at its launch a quintessential ‘Third Way’ welfare policy – Education Action Zones. It shows that while, as might be expected, the policy blurred the conventional opposition of ‘left’ and ‘right’ and ‘public’ and ‘private’, it also reinforced new binaries (e.g. between ‘standards’ and ‘structures’) and created new boundaries (e.g. between zone and non-zone schools and policy ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’). Evidence of significance (eg, prizes, awards, keynote): Translated into Finnish and published in leading Finnish journal Kasvatus 35 (3) 2004. Refereeing procedures to which the output has been subject: Peer reviewed in accordance with journal’s procedures. Proportional contribution of the author where output is jointly authored: Fifty per cent.
Controlled Keywords: Children (not specific age group) , England , Secondary school , Social inclusion , Education Action Zones , Educational reform
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