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Implicit and explicit knowledge of L2 inflectional morphology

Rogers, John and Revesz, Andrea and Rebuschat, Patrick (2016) Implicit and explicit knowledge of L2 inflectional morphology. Applied Psycholinguistics. ISSN 0142-7164. DOI UNSPECIFIED (In Press)

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This study set out to test the degree to which second language (L2) inflectional morphology can be acquired as a result of incidental exposure and whether the resulting knowledge is implicit or explicit in nature. Participants were exposed to an artificial language system based on Czech morphology under incidental learning conditions. In the testing phase, a grammaticality judgment test was utilized to assess learning. Additionally, subjective measures of awareness and retrospective verbal reports were used to address awareness. The results of the experiment indicate that participants can rapidly develop knowledge of L2 inflectional morphology under incidental learning conditions in the absence of verbalizable rule knowledge.

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