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Talking about Things: internationalisation of the curriculum through object-based learning

Meecham, Pam (2015) Talking about Things: internationalisation of the curriculum through object-based learning. In: Object-Based Learning in Higher Education. Ashgate Press. (Submitted)

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As museums seek diverse ways to interpret their collections, in the process they acquire narratives from on and off-line audiences that offer different world-views. Such a process transforms learning from objects beyond the cognitive, fact-based realm to more conceptual and affective understanding of the process of cultural difference and the ‘problem of the ambivalence of cultural authority’ (Bhabha, 1994). Using objects as a focus for better understanding cultural beliefs and values this chapter will argue that bringing together intangible heritage, such as storytelling, myth, legend and the spiritual, with objects opens up space for dialogue that has the potential to move away from a euro-centric interpretation of material culture. Further, this chapter will argue that learning needs to move beyond knowledge acquisition to a better understanding of the ways that the sensory experience of objects is culturally constructed. Combining intangible cultural inheritance with the physical experience of museum objects and their display, this chapter will examine changing museological practices that seek to accommodate global diversity and plurality and that have the potential to contribute to an internationalising of the curriculum across subject disciplines.

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Controlled Keywords: internationalisation, museums, material culture, intangible, authenticity
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