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Reading Aloud in Lewisham : an exploration of adult reading aloud practices

Duncan, Sam (2015) Reading Aloud in Lewisham : an exploration of adult reading aloud practices. Literacy. ISSN 1741-4350. DOI UNSPECIFIED (In Press)

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This paper analyses initial findings of a qualitative pilot study of the reading aloud practices of seventeen adults in the London Borough of Lewisham. While the dominant contemporary image of reading is that of a silent activity, and within literacy provision it is frequently assumed that reading aloud is not a ‘natural,’ ‘real life’ adult practice, anecdote suggests that adults do indeed read aloud, but these practices are overwhelmingly undocumented. This study is the first stage in developing a better understanding of contemporary adult reading aloud practices. Semi-structured interviews were used to ask adults whether, what, where, how and why they read aloud. Initial findings reveal the ubiquitous nature of reading aloud in adult life, across a range of life domains (spiritual life, family life, work and learning) and for different self-selected purposes (to memorize, to understand, to write and for fellowship). Initial findings reinforce the importance of expanding our definitions and conceptualisations of reading to recognise the diversity and changing-nature of real life practices, and suggest implications for our understanding of the role of reading in adult life, for literacy education and for future research.

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Controlled Keywords: reading practices;, reading aloud, adult reading development, Literacy practices, Literacy Education, Ethnographic research tools, literacy policy, literacy practices,, Literacy, Informal learning, All Adults, Education, Home
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