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African music, education and the school curriculum

Kwami, Robert Mawuena (1989) African music, education and the school curriculum. PhD thesis, Institute of Education, University of London.

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This is an investigation into the potentiality of Integrating some West African musics into the curriculum of Schools in Ghana and Nigeria. The Thésis can be divided into two major questions: viz, what is distinctive about some traditional forms of African music that might be helpfully transposed into Western school curricula; and, are there features in the cultural transmission of west African music that could function as an alternative to the usual procedures and practices of schooling (in Ghana and Nigeria) There are four parts to the work. In Part One, some pertinent research questions are posed: (1) What is African about some Ghanaian and Nigerian musics? (2) How is African music structured? (3) What is the position of hybrid or syncretic musics In some weast African cultures? (4) What systems, processes and procedures are discernible in traditional African music education? (5) What is the nature of enculturation as an educational process in traditional African communities? (6) Does schooling have a distinctive role and will this be different in Ghana and Nigeria (7) What is the nature and function of schools? (8) Does the school curriculum favour Western rather than African musics? (9) What African music procedures can be taken into the curriculum and how can this be done at appropriate levels? The illuminative middle parts (Parts Two and Three) are specifically about categories, procedures, and the transmission of some west African music. In the final part, there is an application of a West African music classification to the school curriculum, and a discussion about the teaching of Ghanaian drumming.

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