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Ipsative Assessment : Motivation through Marking Progress

Hughes, Gwyneth (2014) Ipsative Assessment : Motivation through Marking Progress. Palgrave Macmillan. (In Press)

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This book introduces a distinctive and new approach to formal assessment: ipsative assessment. An ipsative assessment compares a person’s existing performance with previous performance(s). Many informal and practical learning experiences are assessed in this way such as sports coaching, music teaching and in computer games. A personal best in athletics is an ipsative assessment. Ipsative assessment is highly motivating and the process is usually enjoyable. However, we might ask whether such an approach could apply to formal learning in adult and higher education. Critics might argue that we must have standards and criteria to ensure that qualifications are meaningful and rigorous and they have a point. But, that does not rule out ipsative assessment. Drawing on case studies and research from UK Higher Education and to some extent schools, the book will explore how ipsative assessment could be applied to formal education. It provides evidence of the benefits for learners, teachers and managers concerned with efficiency and quality assurance. It will offer suggestions for introducing ipsative formative assessment and ipsative summative assessment to enhance and partly replace current criteria and standards based assessment practice. Finally, the book will explore the wider implications of introducing ipsative assessment on resourcing, curriculum design and managing institutional change

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