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Writing and writers : the perceptions of young children and their parents

Bradford, Helen and Wyse, Dominic (2013) Writing and writers : the perceptions of young children and their parents. Early Years, 33 (3). pp. 252-265. ISSN 0957-5146. DOI UNSPECIFIED

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Over the past three decades early writing research has focused on the processes involved as children learn to write. There is now a powerful evidence base to show that children’s earliest discoveries about written language are learned through active engagement with their social and cultural worlds. In addition, the idea of writing development as an emergent process is well established. The study reported in this paper adopted case study methodology combined with an age-appropriate data collection technique in order to explore children’s perceptions of themselves as writers. A focused task using a hand puppet called Baby Bear was used to elicit children’s perceptions. The children’s parents were interviewed to elicit their perceptions of their children as writers. This small-scale exploratory study found that the children had clear perceptions about themselves as writers. There were important links between parents’ perceptions of their children as writers and the ethos for writing they created in the home. It was found that, overall, more positive parental perceptions were linked with more attention to the meaning of children’s writing. It is concluded that early years settings could usefully identify and compare children’s and parents’ perceptions of writing in order to enhance children’s writing development

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Controlled Keywords: Childhood Attitudes, Family Environment, Young Children, Writing Processes, Parent Child Relationship, Parent Attitudes, Literacy, Early Experience
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