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NCDS / BCS70 partnership history datasets

Hancock, Maggie (2012) NCDS / BCS70 partnership history datasets. [Dataset]

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The partnership history datasets are major additions to the BCS70 and NCDS cohort studies. These long-running birth cohort studies are unique in the world because they have followed largely nationally representative samples of individuals from birth through childhood and adult life. The datasets are highly original output that include data on all live-in relationships that lasted one month or more , collected across all data sweeps undertaken since the cohort members reached age 16. These partnership data are merged into single longitudinal datasets, providing rich new empirical material for a wide range of researchers. The BCS70 partnership dataset includes 72 variables and contains 30,949 partnership records for 19,101 cohort members, with 11,432 cohort members having at least 1 partnership recorded. The NCDS activity dataset includes 72 variables and contains 31,437 partnership records for 18,558 cohort members, with 12,417 cohort members having at least 1 adult partnership recorded. The partnership data was collected as part of surveys which achieved high responses rates, underscoring the rigourous methods used to collect the data and the consistent work to maintain contact with cohort members over many years. Ethical issues were carefully considered in designing the studies. The significance of the datasets has already been demonstrated through its use by a great many researchers to produce high-quality published outputs. For example zzz individuals have downloaded the datasets since month 2010 and the CLS bibliography lists yyy journal articles that have been published based on the data since January 2011. The data sets also have considerable potential future significance. The multi- user data sets will continue to be used in years to come as researchers use the partnership history data, in conjunction with the rich cohort data collected across a variety of domains for the same individuals, to explore the effects of health, work and housing on partnerships and vice versa.

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